50+ Sorry Messages for Friend | Apology Quotes for Friend

50+ Sorry Messages for Friend | Apology Quotes for Friend

Sorry Messages for Friend: The word ‘SORRY’ is so simple yet so robust that it can exterminate all the problems of the world instantly. When we are in rage or not in our senses, we say the most awful things to our loved ones which can permanently damage your relationship with them. Intentionally or unintentionally, if you have hurt your friends by saying the meanest things and disrespected their friendship, saying sorry by your heart can make sure your friend forgives you for everything you did. Here is the most emotional compilation of touching sorry messages for friend and the best sorry quotes for friend that are a way to perfect ask for forgiveness. 

Emotional Sorry Messages for Friend

Dear friend, do you know what is the most terrible or filthy thing in the world? It’s breaking the trust and heart of your best friend. I am extremely sorry for everything I did to you. I know you won’t trust me but all I need is one chance to prove I have changed completely. I am so sorry, friend!

Hey buddy, hurting your self-respect was never my intention. I am deeply sorry for my rude behavior and all the irrelevant things I have said to you. I know my best buddy will surely forgive me!

Emotional Sorry Messages for Friend

You know very well that I can’t stay apart from you for a long time. I need you like flowers need sunshine to blossom in existence. By considering me as your little brother, would you please forgive me for breaking your heart and saying disgusting words? I am extremely sorry for everything, friend!

Even though I have said sorry to you umpteen times, I still feel no matter how many times I apologize to you, it will never be sufficient. I regret so much for disrespecting your achievements and family legacy. Please forgive me, dear friend!

If it was possible, I would have gone back in time to stop myself from saying all the wrong words and slapping you. I swear to god I was not in my senses. I am extremely sorry for my unforgivable behavior and for hurting your emotions. Please forgive me, buddy!

Sometimes it happens that what we don’t want to say we say it unknowingly and friends get hurt. Forgive me my friend. It won’t happen again. I wish our friendship be forever for life.

The distances that were between you and me I think are the mistakes of us both. I apologize from my side and sorry for my stubborn behavior with you for all the time. Forgive me my friend.

Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps with this fight I have known us much and now further we respect each other boundary. I am sorry for my behavior my friend. I won’t cross it again. 

I am sorry that I hurt you where your wound is and I know I shouldn’t have done this. I am sorry my friend for my extreme stern behavior with you. Forgive me this time. 

Nothing and no one is perfect. Flaws are everywhere and we should ignore it when we want the relationship to go long. I apologize for my ignorant behavior that I didn’t pay attention to your feelings. Forgive me my dear friend. I love you. 

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Sorry Quotes for Friend

By insulting our years of friendship bond, I became a horrible person in front of everyone. I deserve every bit of backlash but I can’t afford to lose our friendship. I am terribly for everything, my dear friend! Please forgive me!

I don’t care what the whole world thinks about me, I only care about your opinion. Whether you forgive me or not, I will continue to ask for an apology for my horrendous actions in the past. I am sure my friend will accept my apology one day!

Sorry Quotes for Friend

I don’t want to send a long boring paragraph about how ashamed I am of myself and disrespecting your sentiments. Even a sweet and simple heartfelt apology message can sort out everything. I am sorry friend for being the biggest jerk. Please forgive me for everything!

Everyone knows I have said the most appalling things of the world to you in the utmost anger. But I am equally ashamed of myself for being such a mean and self-centered person. I take back all those horrific things and I seek for your genuine forgiveness. I am sorry!

My mouth is way bigger than my brain that’s why I have said the most disgusting things of the world to my best friend. I can bear your anger but I can’t live away from you. If I can do anything to make you feel better, do let me know. Please forgive me one last time, friend!

Once my anger cooled down, I immediately realized that I have done the biggest damage of my life by shattering our bond of friendship into pieces. Losing my best friend is simply not acceptable for me at any cost. I am so sorry for my words and actions, friend!

Dear friend, from the core of my heart, I am terribly sorry for insulting your friendliness and letting go of the most valuable relationship of my life. I sincerely hope you will forgive me for all the horrific acts one day and resume our friendship again. I am so sorry, friend!

I am not the type of person who apologizes first, however, when the mistake is completely mine and a genuine relationship is at stake, I am the first to bend and ask for an apology. I am extremely sorry for screwing up your life. 

My heart aches a lot when I see how I turned our sweetest bond of friendship into a completely deterred one. If I am responsible for this situation, I promise I will fix everything and bring our iconic friendship back on track again. I am terribly sorry for everything, friend!

I have acted in the strangest and the most embarrassing ways to you. I am deeply sorry for all the mayhem I have created in your life just to satisfy my ego. I am truly sorry and I will bring everything back to normal once again.

Things have happened between you and me and I know I did the mistake. But that was not intentional. That just happened and I was not aware of it. I thought it would not hurt you but it did. I am sorry for all and everything. I don’t want to lose you. Forgive me my sweet friend.

I don’t know how to say it to you. I am not able to express my emotions as right as I want to. And with all that misunderstandings have happened. You understood me wrong and it became so distant between us. I want to erase all the distances between you and me by saying sorry to you. You smile my friend again and forgive me. 

Life doesn’t give a second chance but friends can. I am extremely sorry for my irresponsible attitude towards you. You had been kind to me all the time and I took it for granted. With my folded hands I apologize for everything. I have realized my mistake and I am sorry for all.

Time never come back. What has gone, gone; and with all that I have understood what is precious in my life. It is you my friend and your friendship. I am sorry for my past behavior with you and the way I was treating you. Forgive me and hug me again. 

People say there is no turning back but to resolve the relationship you want; one must turn back. I want you in my life again my friend. Sorry for the way I have been with you. I love you my dear. Please forgive me and let me come back in your life again. 

Real diamonds are rare in life so as you my friend. And I didn’t understand your value at that time but now I am realizing what I have lost that I had precious. I want you back again in my life. I am sorry. Please forgive me. 

Sometimes lost things not found again but lost friends can be. I don’t want to lose you forever. You are my heaven, you are my paradise, you are my that serene wind that calms me. Forgive me my friend and bond again. 

heart touching sorry messages for best friend

I don’t know how my silly mistake hurt you gravely. Sometimes it is just the matter of the perspective and it turns everything round and around. From my side I am sorry to you my friend. It will never happen again. 

Every day sun rises and it brings newness with it. May in our relationship sun rise again and make it again shiny and better! My sweet friend I am really sorry for the words I have said you which I should not. Please forgive me. 

Everything can become beautiful again if we try to. I want to make our friendship again that beautiful as it were. I love you my friend dearly. Sorry for my awful stubbornness that I have hurt you terribly. I know what pain I have caused. I apologize with my folded hands. Forgive me. 

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Apology Message for Friend

The biggest jolting moment in any friendship is when one best friend lies to another best friend for the sake of superficial things. I am the one who has insulted your friendship and I will be the one who fixes everything. Please accept my heartfelt apology!

Ever since I have separated from you after disrespecting your feelings, I haven’t found solace and happiness anywhere. I used to feel special all the time because your friendship has the power to make me feel that. I can’t live without your friendship. I am sorry, my dear friend! Forgive me!

Apology Message for Friend

I don’t remember how many mistakes I have committed in life but demeaning our bond of friendship was the biggest and the most severe one. I know the damage done by me cannot be fixed perfectly but if you accept my heartfelt apology, our years of friendship can be saved. I am really sorry!

I can love you, I can insult you, I can fight with you, I can move mountains for you, but I can’t live without you. I know you are intelligent and magnanimous enough to grant me an apology and not end our beautiful bond of friendship because of my stupid acts and words. I am sorry, friend!

Fighting and arguments do happen between friends. But I argued with you for the wrong reasons and I also tried to get physical with you. I am ashamed of myself and my thinking. I know my best buddy will forgive my stupidity for sure. I am extremely sorry, friend!

I want to apologize to you for my treatment towards you. I admit my mistakes. It was ill and sickening. Sorry my friend. You have always been kind to me. Be this time also. 

You are really sweet inside and I know you are. With all my heart I want to say sorry to you for my abnormality that I showed to you. Sorry my dearest friend. Forgive me and hug me again. 

Nothing is shine without you and I am yearning for your presence much and more. Sorry for all the wrongs that I have done to you. I will never do it again. Come back again in my life my dear friend. Really sorry.

Since you have gone from my life; everything is troubling me. You are my savior. I didn’t realize your value my friend when you did everything for me and I took you for granted. Sorry for my awkward attitude. Forgive me friend. 

Apology to you my dearest and kindest friend. Forgive me from your heart. I know you will be always there for me. Just please forgive me. 

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Touching Sorry Messages for Best Friend 

I am so thankful to God that my best friend is an intelligent and sensible being because my stupidity and arrogance would have destroyed our friendship a long time ago. Thank you for overlooking my stupid words and saving our friendship. Please forgive me, my best buddy!

I am utterly sorry friend for creating such a big ruckus in your life. You don’t deserve this and I don’t deserve your apology. Yet, I request you to forgive me for being such a jerk and for the sake of our friendship. Please forgive me, buddy.

Touching Sorry Messages for Best Friend 

No matter how many times I apologize to you, I feel guilty all the time for causing great trouble in your life and putting our bond of friendship at stake. Our friendship means everything to me that’s why I am apologizing to you. Please forgive me, friend!

If I knew that my flippant attitude can create such a profound mess in your life, I would have never done what I did. To get your apology, if I have to say sorry 1 billion times, I will say it without any second thought because our friendship is everything to me. I am terribly sorry, friend!

I am quite aware of all the terrible things I said to you but I can’t undo my shameful actions. However, I apologize to you and I promise that won’t happen ever again in the future. I am sincerely sorry for everything, friend!

It was my guilty and I have sensed it. From the truest of my heart I apologize folding my hands before you my friend. I never want to lose you at any price. You are so gold for me. Forgive me. 

Our friendship is like infinity, never ending. Between you and me it can never end. Sorry for my troublesome behavior with you. And I know I was unkind towards you when you needed my help. I was so terrible in the past with you. Forgive me my friend. I admit to all my mistakes and bow down to you in regret. 

My sweetest and very understanding friend, please forgive me for the errors I made with you. I wasn’t right and I have known it. Sorry for blaming you in the incorrect way. 

Heartily sorry for causing you trouble all the time. I will never do it again. I apologize with all my heart. Forgive me please. 

I always love you my friend whether you are in my life or not. But I don’t want you to go from my life because you reign at my heart and the crown of it. Sorry for commenting you in wrong ways. Forgive me.  

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