80+ Reassurance Quotes for Relationships & Friends

Reassurance Quotes

Reassurance Quotes: Most people underestimate the value of reassurance from a trusted person. When you are surrounded by the clouds of self-doubt, hopelessness, and negativity, reassurance from a person who is quite close to you is like an indelible ray of hope that kicks away all the anxiousness, stress, hopelessness, and nervousness. However, reassurance must come from an authentic person and in an authentic way. If the person is your near and dear one, reassurance during the time of trials and tribulations can do magic like nothing else. Reassurance is needed by everyone, be it a patient suffering from life and death, a soldier standing firm at the border, a student giving an examination, or a sportsperson playing the most important match of his/her life. In this section, we have rounded up the most inspirational reassurance quotes for relationships and friends that will reinstate the good vibes and fill you with other positivity and inspiration. Check out all the latest reassurance quotes with the images below.

Reassurance Quotes

Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. » Maya Angelou

Sometimes to reassure you, you do not have to deceive yourself in thinking to have certainties, just understand that you do not need them. » Luigina Sgarro

But Piglet is so small that he slips into a pocket, where it is very comfortable to feel him when you are not quite sure whether twice seven is twelve or twenty-two. » A.A. Milne

Smoking is an outward signal of inner turmoil or conflict and most smoking has less to do with nicotine addiction and more to do with the need for reassurance. » Allan Pease

The business of philosophy is to teach man to live in uncertainty… not to reassure him, but to upset him. » Lev Shestov

Correction does much, but encouragement does more. Encouragement after censure is as the sun after a shower. » Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Not reassuring when weathermen say ‘Today will be terrible but don’t worry it won’t be as terrible as tomorrow or Friday. » Jonah Goldberg

One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone. » Shannon L. Alder

The sea tells you everything will be fine. The mountains tell you it doesn’t matter anyway. » Adeel Ahmed Khan

One of our goals is to encourage people that there is hope, there is a future. » Garth Coonce

George put his hand on top of Beatrice’s and felt the warmth of both the woman and her hound pulsing through his fingers. “Just because your father does not see your victory does not mean that it is none,” he said softly. » Mette Ivie Harrison

Mistakes are experiences. Without these experiences, there is no learning. » Lailah Gifty Akita

The tempests of life can die down as though they had never been. » F.M. Mayor

Every positive attempt was as a result of encouragement, every encouragement leads to success. » Michael Bassey Johnson

Are we not somehow compelled by love? I shall not let one day pass without giving you the assurance of mine. Surely there is a future for us together. I am yours yours yours. » Iris Murdoch

Each victory with God can bring a reassurance once more that the ones born of God are victorious Sunday » Adelaja

Few things are more comforting to the soul than the voice of someone who loves us. » Wayne Gerard Trotman

Support and encouragement are found in the most unlikely places. » Raquel Cepeda

When you have the truth on your side, you don’t have to compete with the lies. » Mitta Xinindlu

Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. » Victor Kiam

Ssshhh. It’s all right.” And does it matter that it’s not, if it gets them through the night? » Aliette de Bodard

Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct. » Dale Carnegie

There are few places more reassuring or safe than the arms of a loved one or the pages of a good book. [Richelle Bach’s diary] » Richard Paul Evans

There are high spots in all of our lives and most of them have come about through encouragement from someone else. » George Madison Adams

We are loved by the Divine, loved into existence. That, in itself, is enough to reassure each one of us of our inestimable worth. » Donna Goddard

Reassurances could dull pain, nobody would ever go to the trouble of pressing grapes. » Scott Lynch

Goddam it, whenever a person wants reassurance he tells a friend to think what he wants to be true. It’s like asking a waiter what’s good tonight. » John Steinbeck

One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better. » Colonel Sanders

I put my forehead on his collarbone, place one hand on his chest. Its rhythm reassures me: He is real, and he is now. » Lauren Oliver

To many people holidays are not voyages of discovery, but a ritual of reassurance. » Phillip Adams

You have no idea what it is,” Ty said in a clipped voice. “You can’t say it’s going to be okay. You don’t know. » Cassandra Clare

If you ever think about giving up, remember why you held on for so long. » Hayley Williams

He would eventually have to pass through the forest, but he felt no fear. Of course – the forest was inside him, he knew, and it made him who he was. » Haruki Murakami

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. » John Wooden

She hesitated, then reached out to Jared in her mind, and uncertainty washed away in the wave of reassurance she got back. » Sarah Rees Brennan

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. » Joseph Campbell

He looked at me and smiled reassuringly and said, “Everything is going to be okay,” because that’s what I wanted him to say and it’s what he wanted to say and that’s what you do when the curtain is falling–you give the line that the audience wants to hear. » Rick Yancey

Reassurance is such a sad, mad thing. Deep inside, everyone knows the truth. » Michel Faber

They’re like children, really. Only children are far more logical which makes it difficult sometimes with them. But these people are illogical, they want to be reassured by your telling them what they want to believe. Then they’re quite happy again for a bit. » Agatha Christie

One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. » John O’Donohue

It took me twenty years of living with my father to accept the idea that being good could be good enough. » Stephen King

Every second you dwell on the past you steal from your future. Every minute you spend focusing on your problems you take away from finding your solutions. » Robin Sharma

We spend most of our lives looking for reassurance from others until we find that others are looking for reassurance from us. And somebody has to stop this. » Luigina Sgarro

The human heart is so delicate and sensitive that it always needs some tangible encouragement to prevent it from faltering in its labour. » Maya Angelou

Just rest and soon enough, you’ll be home.” I assured her as she slowly closed her eyes and the smile on her face faded. » Grace Fiorre

One word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone’s motivation to continue with a difficult challenge. » Roy T. Bennett

If it’s God you’re worried about, the Lord Jesus said that we needn’t keep to the old ways anymore. They had their day years ago. » Diane Samuels

We need this reassurance. Even for those of us who believe implicitly in angels, to be confronted by one is an awesome thing. » Madeleine L’Engle

Each victory with God can bring a reassurance once more that the ones born of God are victorious » Sunday Adelaja

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. » Robert Louis Stevenson

Strength other than that received from God is just hype manufactured by men. » Craig D. Lounsbrough