50+ Cute Pregnancy Wishes and Congratulations on Pregnancy Messages

50+ Cute Pregnancy Wishes and Congratulations on Pregnancy Messages

A woman has yet to find out something more beautiful, satiating, and fulfilling thing than giving birth to a new life. Becoming a mother is the best and tranquil part of a woman’s life. By bringing a new life into the family, not only a woman extends the family generation’s tree but also its legacy, name, and successor. If your wife, sister, friend, or daughter has become pregnant, you should shower oodles of love and blessings on them by sending pregnancy wishes and congratulations on pregnancy wishes messages. Below is the cutest and sweetest compilation of the best pregnancy wishes messages that are free to download with images and bookmark as well.

Pregnancy Wishes Messages

There is no denying that pregnancy amplifies the beauty of a woman manifold times. Not only you are radiating beauty but also happiness. I wish you enjoy the pregnancy period to the fullest. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Getting pregnant is the first step towards achieving complete motherhood. I am showering heaps of blessings on you for beginning the new phase of life. Happy pregnancy!

Pregnancy Wishes Messages

You have become more charming and beautiful after getting pregnant. But I didn’t think you will get pregnant that soon. Congratulations on your pregnancy and may you give birth to a beautiful baby!

When I heard the news of your pregnancy, I started jumping out of ecstasy. There is no better news for a mother than the news of her daughter going to give birth to a new life. Now you have to take extra care of yourself. Happy pregnancy and enjoy every moment!

Giving birth to a life is the most beautiful and blissful thing a woman can do. Soon you will be a mother of a beautiful kid and your responsibilities will increase. Take great care of yourself and be cheerful all the time. Happy pregnancy!

The news of your pregnancy is the most happening news I have heard in recent time. I am desperately waiting for the day when your little one will come out and give all of us a big cute smile. Heartiest congratulations on your pregnancy!

Being a woman is fascinating but being a mother is the most fabulous thing in the world. Now be ready to have a big and bubbly tummy. Don’t worry, the most exquisite being will come out of it. Have a frisky pregnancy period!

After all the years of wait, finally, a new member will come in this house and the medium is you. I can’t be happier than this. Be experience to witness the miracle of motherhood. Mighty congratulations on your pregnancy!

We all are desperately waiting to hear the small footsteps in the house, baby giggles, midnight cries, and potties everywhere. I don’t know how we are going to pass these 9 months. You have given the best news of all time. Happy pregnancy!

The pregnancy period is perhaps the most critical as well as the most frolic time at the same time in the life of a woman. You fall in love with someone whose face you haven’t seen till yet. Eat good, be happy, and be fit. Mighty congratulations on your pregnancy!

Soon your world is going to change. The happiest moments will arrive in your life when you will be a mum of a new born. It is a great feeling being a mom. Wising you blessings on being mom to be!

Life gives you all the gifts you desire. But from all, for women being mom is wonderful. I am happy you are going to be. Giving you all the love and best wishes on your being mom!

May this motherhood give you all the happiness you deserve! May you become a mother of sons and daughters! May best wishes pour on you for going to be mum!

You look so much beautiful. And during your becoming mother phase you look so gorgeous. May God bestow you with a beautiful son and daughter! Best wishes to going to be mother!

You must have bought all the toys for your going to be new born. You must have decorated its room also. Best wishes darling for being and going to be mom.

There are various journeys a woman has to go on. The most wonderful one is of being mother that you are going through. Wishing you blessings and hugs on your being mother. May your motherhood be wonderful!

When something soulful happens in life, it brings changes in whole personality. You are going to be mother. This is the best phase of your life. Tons of wishes for you going to be mother!

Soon you will listen giggles of your son or daughter. Soon they will play in your lap. Very soon you are going to be a mother. Wising you all the life happiness and wonderful motherhood!

When you become a mother, you become a much strong woman too. Wishing love of heaven and blessings of Gods for you, mother going to be!

When you become a mother, you become complete. The time of you are going through is a blessing. Soon you will shine more when you become a mother. Simply best wishes for going to be mother!

Congratulations on Pregnancy Messages

Only a woman can understand the extent of profoundness and sense of being she feels when she is pregnant. The best thing is you are still rocking your pregnancy look. It is the best time to take special care of yourself. Enjoy pregnancy time and congratulations!

In a few months, your stomach will look like an oven carrying a big hamburger. Jokes apart, you are going to be a mother and your baby will get the best damn welcome in the world. Congratulations for giving such jolly news!

Congratulations on Pregnancy Messages

Our world was serene and exhilarating till yet. Now a small member will come in few months and make it a messy, exciting, and topsy-turvy world. Thank you my lovely wife for giving me the biggest happiness of my life. Happy pregnancy!

The loading procedure of the baby has been initiated and it will be completely loaded in 9 months. Pregnancy may cause some physical pain but the little new member of the family will make it worth bearing. Happy pregnancy, my dear!

You will have umpteen mood swings, you will experience excruciating pain, you will feel irritated, but you will accomplish the biggest achievement and that is becoming a mother. Congratulations on your pregnancy and commencing a new journey!

The most powerful in the world is a woman because she gives life to another being. Congratulations for your pregnancy!

The day when you listen the cries of your new born child, that day will be memorable for you. Congratulations for your pregnancy!

You are dying to hear from your new born child mama. Soon it would say when it would come into this world. So much love and wishes to you and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Being mother is like prospering yourself. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It is a new rise for you. It is a new surprise for you. All you are going through are magical moments. When you be a mother, you always further. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Pregnancy Wishes For Friend

I still can’t believe that my clumsy and reckless friend is going to be a mother soon. For the love of the almighty, please never tell your kids how you were in your college days. Savor each moment of the pregnancy period and big congratulations!

Now you have a fair idea of how beautiful it is to blossom and nurture a new life inside you. This phase will never come back so enjoy it to the fullest and give birth to a chirpy and healthy baby. Hearty congratulations!

Pregnancy Wishes For Friend

I just came to know about your pregnancy news and I am in deep awe. You have taken the best decision of your life by deciding to give birth to a wonderful kid. We will gonna party hard when we meet. Happy pregnancy!

Now you are pregnant, you have to say goodbye to all the spicy and unhealthy things you eat on a daily basis. I just can’t wait to see you holding a damn cute baby and playing with it. Congratulations!

A great friend, a loving wife, now going to be a blessed mother. Heartiest congratulations on adding one more scintillating feather of relationship to your hat. I wish you turn out to be a fabulous mother.

I am happy that finally you are going to be a mother. Soon your little ones would play in my lap. Best wishes for you my dear friend for going to be mother!

You are my soulful friend. You are the one and only. Wishing you all the love on being pregnant!

You know I love you as my friend. May Gods, heavens and earth all come together to wish you when you become mother! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

First you become my friend. Then you become my wife. And now you are becoming mother. Congratulation my dear friend and mother of going to be new born!

May all the happiness and joy come to your life! May all the beauty dance in your life! May you very soon become a mother of sons and daughters my friend!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes

I am literally sick of giving you gifts every time. Firstly, a birthday gift, then a wedding gift, and now, a baby gift. But I would like to give the last one with utmost happiness. Happy on hearing your pregnancy news!

It’s high time you say goodbye to late night office work, drinking, crap food, and never-ending parties. I know you and health are antonyms to each other but it should be at the top of your priority list. Congratulations on your pregnancy, my dear friend!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes

These days only round objects revolve in my mind and in front of my eyes. Oh! It’s your baby bump. Be ready to sacrifice your sleep and get accustomed to baby cries asap. Happy pregnancy!

Now you have to eat twice the normal diet to feed the new blossoming life inside you. I just can’t wait to see you gaining weight and then making fun of yourself. I am utterly happy to hear your pregnancy news!

Are you ready to take over the new designation? This job is tough but the outcome will be beyond your wildest dreams. Accept my warm and frolic wishes for you on getting pregnant!

You look fat with lots of weight. You look like a fat tomato. When this tomato pop out, a new seed will rise, who brings us happiness and divine.

A job done well! Your husband played well. You took it good and hold the catch. Congratulations on your being pregnant!

You are pregnant, great. All thanks to your husband. He held it for long!

When you were in mood, you are going to be mother and father. May more moods like this happen to you! Best wishes and blessings on your pregnancy!

In football you win when you score many goals. In married life you win only when you score a goal too! Congratulations on being pregnant!