61+ Pizza Puns and Jokes Dipped in Extra Cheese

61+ Pizza Puns and Jokes Dipped in Extra Cheese

Pizza is not just fast food, pizza is a religion, an emotion, the whole world for some. Pizza, by leaps and bounds, is the most consumed Italian fast food in the world. When you eat the fresh cheese along with seasonings topped on pizza, you experience a transcendental realm that cannot be described in words. However, pizza is not only good for stuffing your stomach but also perfect for tickling the funny bones of millions. We have chalked out some of the crankiest pizza puns and hilarious pizza jokes that are marinated in extra cheeses and way too mouth-watering to digest. These pizza puns are a perfect treat to savor for the pizza maniacs.

Cheesy Pizza Puns and Jokes

I want this world to be exactly like Pizza: cheesy, endearing, and perfectly round.

Cheesy Pizza Puns and Jokes

What’s a pizza without cheese? Dough!

If your don’t make your pizza extra cheesy, you don’t deserve to eat Pizza at all.

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If Pizza was a human being what would be its favorite song? Slice it up and top it up, baby!

A week without pizza makes one cheek weak!

She is the only girl who can steal the pizza of my heart.

When you are a pizza lover, you focus on having a slice day instead of having a nice day.

Life is all about eating different types of pizzas, rest is just passing.

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Roses are red, the sky is blue, I ordered a pepperoni pizza, I will eat it and give none of you.

People who eat pizzas are more trustworthy and compassionate than those who don’t.

Life is not perfect, humans are not perfect, but a pizza can be.

What do you call a person who doesn’t has any affinity towards pizza? What a weirdough!

What did a pizza without toppings says to a pizza with flavorsome toppings? I have never sausage such a beautiful face!

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My mind is so messed up right now. I desperately need pizza of mind.

This pizza of your art is good and beautiful. I wish I could have it.

I am a man of simple taste. I want nothing more than a hut to live; a pizza hut.

More than trust, I believe in having a profound pizza crust.

I am capable of doing a lot of things. It’s crust not my day today.

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Like a girl needs make up to look sexy, a pizza needs sausages to look mouth-watering.

The saying is true, “crust has risen from the dead.”

Till yet, only a pizza has been able to prove than curvy is yummy and sexy.

Mark my words, no one can adough you as much as I do.

It’s not about money, it’s about having the right proportions of cheese and sausages on your pizza.

Don’t you dare touch my slice of pizza otherwise I will slice you from between.

What’s the different between a great pizza and an average pizza? The timing of delivery.

What did Lionel Messi says when he walks into a Pizza parlour? Make it quick like my goals.

What terrible things one pizza can say to another pizza? Possibly a lot of cheesy things.

What did one Pizza says to another Pizza who was boasting about its taste? Don’t be to saucy.

Don’t worry, sweetheart. You can still cheese the day.

Why does a round pizza comes in a square box? It’s not edgy like a taco.

What makes pizzas so special? It comes in all seasonings.

What would you say if a delivery boy drops your favorite pizza somewhere? I have never sausage such a tragedy.

The way he drives recklessly he will surely become a pizza of history one day.

There are only two round things I found beautiful and intriguing: the moon and Pizza.

Seasons don’t matter but seasonings do.

What is the most favorite mathematical value for a pizza? Pie.

Winning a 100m race is not a big deal. It will be a pizza cake for me.

You don’t like cheese pizza? What a weirdough you are!

The last supper art work by Da Vinci is really a fantastic pizza work.

The leaning tower of pizza is the most astonishing structure in the whole world.

Every pizza my body loves every pizza your body.

If you don’t crust me, I cannot give you my pizza gold to wear.

Hey girl, are you a pizza? Because everyone wants a piece of you.

There are some things in life that cannot be topped. My pizza is one of them.

Trust me baby, I love you from head to tomato.

The only person in my family who doesn’t like pizza is my brother. He is to cheesy to like good things.

What would be the name of God if the entire church is made up of cheese Pizza? Chesus Christ.

The best sensual movie that can be made on a pizza is American pie.

The science of pizza is known as weirdoughlogy.

When asked a pizza lover, what is your definition of heaven? He said, where everyone can have a slice of pizza.

Whatever your questions are, my answer will always be pizza.

What is the difference between a pepperoni pizza and a cheese pizza? It’s how they lean.

What you need a to solve a puzzle made up of pizzas? Slices.

What did pizza says to air conditioner? You made my real hard.

This is really a good pizza of music. It is making me ecstatic.

What does a pizza loves the most about human beings? The zzzzzzz sound of sleeping.

I am ready to get kidnapped if my kidnappers are ready to give a cheese pizza daily.

The only love triangle I need in my life is the slice of pizza.

I don’t know about other love but my love for pizza is eternal.

There are two types of people in the world: one who loves pizza and the dead ones.

You can cut my body parts but don’t you dare taking my slice of pizza.

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