50 Happy Mothers Day Prayers Messages 2022 to Honor Your Mom

40+ Happy Mothers Prayers Messages to Honor Your Mother

Happy Mothers Day Prayers: All the mothers in this world are god sent angels whose prime job is to spread love, grace, compassion everywhere. A mother loves us insanely without any reason or expectations, She is ready to make any extent of sacrifice for the protection, well-being, and growth of her family. When a mother does so much for everyone, don’t you think it is your responsibility to at least pray for her happiness, dreams, and prosperity to the almighty. There is no occasion better than Mothers Day to surprise and woo your mother. To let your mother know how deeply you care about her well-being and happiness, we have come up with the best mothers day prayers messages 2022 that you can send to her and bless her with god’s grace.

Inspirational Short Happy Mothers Day Prayers 2022

Dear Lord, my mother is the ultimate god and the entire universe for me. I beg you to keep her safe, protected, and perfectly healthy all the time. May you always shower your divine grace on her.

Almighty, my mother has made uncountable sacrifices for my growth and success in life. May you make me capable enough to give back to my mother 100 times of what she has given. God bless my mom!

Inspirational Short Happy Mothers Day Prayers 2022

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I know there is no scope for improvement in a mother because she is the most perfect creation of god but even she needs blessings and love to feel happy and belonged. May God always take care of my mother’s well-being and happiness!

Dear lord, my mother takes excellent care of everyone in the family except herself. I pray you to look after her and fulfill all her untold and unfulfilled dreams. Please also tell my mother how deeply everyone loves and supports her!

happy mothers day prayer to my mum

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Dear Lord, my mother is the most courageous and fearless woman I have ever seen. She carries so much burden on her shoulders that she barely gets time to think about her happiness and well-being. Please take care of my mother and bless her with all the happiness she deserves!

As mothers go to extremes to cheer up everyone in the family, may the Lord always have a special place in his heart for all the mothers. May almighty keep showering his divine grace and mercy on mothers!

prayer of thanks for mothers on happy mothers day

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Lord, you have graced my life with all sorts of happiness, lavishness, and success. And I am deeply grateful to you for that. May you also shower your unfathomable love and blessings on my mother and give her glimpses of your divine world. God bless my mom!

On the auspicious occasion of mothers day, I request the all almighty to fill my mother’s heart with divine grace and her life with peace, love, and comfort. With your hand on her head, anything is possible.

short prayer for mothers day 2022

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The supreme creator, please bless my mother with your ever-expanding love and benevolence. Her heart and strength are as humongous as yours but her humanly emotions propel her to think only about others well being. Be her savior all the time!

Dear god, on mother’s day, bless my mother with more power, courage, and humility so that she can conquer her inner demons and live a fearless life till the last breath. Fill her mind with the most significant knowledge and her heart with the purest form of love.

happy mothers day prayer message

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Lord, my mother is a single mom and she works day in and day out to feed the whole family, manage our education and needs. Please bless her with financial prosperity and peace of mind so that she can begin to live life to the fullest again.

I am more than blessed to have a mother with a golden heart, a super cool mind, eloquent and compassionate in nature. Lord, I just pray for her happiness, safety, well-being, and prosperity. If she is happy, the whole family will be happy!

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Jesus Christ, thank you so much for blessing this planet with millions of mothers who never care about anything except the nurturing of their kids. This world is surviving and thriving because of all the mothers. May you continue to shower blessings on all the mothers!

May the holiest blessings of the divine fall on my mother and free her from all superstitions, fears, and whatever malice her body possesses. Please accept my heartfelt prayers and bless my mother!

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As long as your blessings and support are with my mother, she can withstand any storm, any challenge, and emerge as a victor without breaking a sweat. May you make every day of her life scintillating!

Dear Lord, a mother is perhaps the finest masterpiece created by you. However, even your perfect creations need your blessings and mercy to withstand the turbulence of the time. May you endow her sufficient strength to heal all wounds!

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I want to thank the lord from the core of my heart for filling a mother’s heart with immense and unconditional love. A mother can go to extremities to protect and nurture her kids. May you always take care of my mother and give her ample strength to bear everything.

God has given the ability to forgive and forget only to mothers because you can only move forward when you forgive the mistake of mothers and don’t think about them ever. May almighty impart divine wisdom, joy, and patience in my mother’s life!

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Dear Lord, I know you give sufficient to everyone to thrive in life but my mother needs extra attention from you because she barely takes care of herself. May the lord makes every day of my mother’s life mirthful and successful!

No matter how many times I express gratitude towards for giving me such a loving mother, it will always be less. I pray to god to keep her in the best physical condition and shower her with the rarest forms of happiness.

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It was because of the immense blessings of god and the excruciating pain my mother experienced I came into this world. Dear Lord, all I want from you is to protect my mother from the harsh blows of life and brim her heart with love.

God has hardwired all mothers to take the best possible decisions when it comes to their children’s future. However, a mother barely thinks about carving her own future. I pray to God to show me the right path for my mother and fulfill all her untold dreams.

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Dear mother, I have every possible happiness and luxury in life all because of your blessings and sacrifices. If I need to, I will beg in front of God to give you impeccable health and outrageous prosperity. God bless my sweet mother!

My lord, I wish you shower all the blessings of the world manifold times the sacrifices my mother has made to uplift the whole family. Please bless her with heaps of smiles, great health, and all the comfort of the world!

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Oh all almighty, you are the creator and destroyer of everything prevailing in this universe. Sprinkle some mercy on my mother and give her the privilege to experience your elusive grace.

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