Happy Fathers Day Poems from Son and Daughter 2022

Happy Fathers Day Poems from Son and Daughter 2022

Fathers Day Poems from Son:  A father-son shares quite an intriguing, inspiring, and riveting relationship. For a son, a father is the first superhero as well as the prime source of inspiration. He adores and respects his father so much that he tries to emulate his father in every possible way to be the exact replica of him. Like fathers, sons also think about doing something special and memorable for their fathers so they can feel there is someone who thinks and care about them. Fathers day 2022 is on the brink of arrival and what’s better than beautifully composed fathers day poems from son and daughter jotted down in a greeting card to woo your father’s heart? Scroll down and read the most creative happy fathers day poems from son and inspirational fathers day poems 2022 from daughter and choose the best one to send to your father.

Happy Fathers Day Poems from Son and Daughter

Dad, you are my batman and superman,
you are also my He-man and phantom,
No one can ever be like my lovely dad,
Isn’t that sounds super awesome?
I don’t need all the gifts and luxuries,
As long as you are with me,
Wishing happy fathers day to you,
From Me, mommy, and everybody.

Happy Fathers Day Poems from Son

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My daddy is greatest in the world,
There is not a shadow of a doubt about it,
He always brings touching gifts and sheer joy,
He is a magician who can do anything,
When he is around, I just love to enjoy,
Daddy, may you never let go my hands,
That’s all I really wants from you,
I so love you and jovial fathers day to you!

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A father is like a majestic tree,
Who provides everything to family selflessly,
If I could become even a bit like you,
That incident would happen luckily,
I want to hug you, kiss you, and cuddle with you,
Want you to teach me how to live and love,
Always be smiling and cheerful,
Because fathers day is all about you!

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I don’t have right words,
To write a story about my dad,
He is so caring, loving, and sensitive,
With a heart of gold and so pure.
I think about my father every single moment,
I wish every single time he should be my dad,
Happy fathers day, daddy!

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When you have a supporting and caring father,
Stress and worries can never touch you anyway,
Whether the time is right or not,
He will always be standing beside you.
A dad is the greatest gift for any kid,
Moreover, a true mentor and the best friend,
Whom you can find nowhere except within him,
happiest fathers day to lovely dad!

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I feel safe under your arms,
I feel beloved when you cares my hairs,
I feel strong when you support me unconditionally,
I feel low when you are not with me,
Your presence induces strength and courage in me,
Your smile is the biggest motivator,
You are my father and I am really proud of you,
Happy fathers day to you with heaps of glitter!

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Happy Fathers Day Poems from Daughter

I am so lucky that you are my father,
Everything I give to you, be it love or attention,
You return them back more than expected,
Out of all the dads in the world,
you belong to the finest breed,
Whether I am a good kid or not,
You will always be with me,
I love you daddy and happy fathers day!

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You taught me how to walk and run.
In this cruel world, how to protect myself from everything,
I can see myself in you, and you in me,
My heart beats only for you well-being and success,
My prayers are only for you,
I can’t live even a moment without you,
I am more than happy to wish fathers day to you!

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Dad is one of the smallest words,
Yet encloses the biggest meaning,
You barely have any idea father,
How much your presence mean to me,
Having you as my father is the biggest blessing,
I thank you for choosing you only for me,
Happy fathers day to you!

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One day when I’ll grow up,
I’ll strive to be exactly like you,
Even if I won’t become like you,
I will do something noteworthy for you,
You are a superhero to me every way,
You are the strongest, smartest, and the most compassionate,
Have a mirthful fathers day with sweets and blessings!

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I feel utter happiness in my life,
Because my daddy loves and supports me,
If I ever fall in pernicious situations,
He will be there to protect and fight with me,
You are special father in so many ways,
I couldn’t live without you because that’s my life way,
Happy fathers day!

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I never got the chance to tell you,
How much you really mean to me,
In a world full of mean and scoundrels,
You are the only person whom I follow up to be,
You are the one who taught how to dream and chase them,
Only for you, to all my dreams, I will catch them.
I love you dad says my every heart beat,
Happy fathers day to the best daddy!

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