40+ Condolence Messages for loss of Son | Loss of Child Quotes

40+ Condolence Messages for Son | Loss of Son Quotes

Condolence Messages for Son: Saying bid adieu to a grown-up son is perhaps the most jolting and heart-breaking thing for parents. When the successor of your family dies at such a tender and soulful age, the whole around you shatters into uncountable pieces and all your dreams end in an instant. The grief of losing your son never erases from your heart but it can be dwindled a little bit by embracing the condolences of loved ones. If you or someone in your contacts are unlucky enough to lose your son, the below stated sympathy messages for loss of son and loss of child quotes will help to get over from the traumatic experience.

Condolence Messages for Son

My conscience and all the senses have shattered and shaken after hearing the loss of your dynamic son. He was such an enthusiastic soul bubbling with energy to change the world with his ideas. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son. May god endows you the strength to pass this tough time.

I and my whole family extend the full support and condolences to you on the biggest loss of your life, the demise of your son. May his sacred soul rest well in heaven and bless all of us from there. Please, don’t hesitate to call me if you need any help.

Condolence Messages for Son

After hearing the sudden death of your beloved son, I even don’t have the strength to offer your proper condolences and support. However, I am standing like an unshakable pillar during the most devastating period of your life. My deepest condolences are with you on the loss of your son. God bless his soul!

My heart is not getting out of the ocean of gloominess after hearing the horrific death of your amazing son. Not only you but I was also a fatherly figure to him. His presence will be greatly missed and his sweet talks will always reside in our hearts. I pray to the lord to give you strength and peace during this rigid time.

Dear friend, don’t worry as your late beloved son must be looking from heaven and smiling at you for being such an amazing father to him. Please don’t grieve over his death and do some benevolent work to give peace to his soul. My heartiest condolences are with you on the loss of your son.

The bond between you and your son was so intimate and alluring that even I miss your father-son moments so much. I just loved listening to your son all day long and his presence will be terribly missed. Accept my hearty condolences and do let me know if you need anything.

No amount of condolences, sympathies, and support can dwindle your gargantuan pain locked inside your chest because of the loss of your son. Since the moment he said goodbye to us, I have been thinking constantly about him. You and your family have my deepest sympathies.

Even the most healing words will fall short right now or seem meaningless in front of the agony and sorrow you are experiencing. May lord endows you sufficient strength to get over from the excruciating pain of your son’s loss. My deepest condolences are with you!

The moment I get to know about the sudden death of your lovely son, all the pain in my life started seeming small in front of your monumental grief. My heart, prayers, and full support go out to you and your family during this tough time. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son!

During the most horrific phase of your life, I can offer you nothing more than all my emotional support and heartiest sympathies. If you need a shoulder to cry on and vomit out your emotions, I am always there for you. Your son will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

I know you are not in the right state of mind to talk to anyone. Whenever you are fine, cry your heart out and pray lord to give solace to your son’s soul in his kingdom. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son and do let me know if you need anything. I am just a call away!

I am extremely sorry for the loss of such a visionary and ardent child. Not only he was the soul of your family but also he was kind of a person who could have taken your family legacy to the next level. He was the apple of the eyes for everyone. I am standing strong with you during this tough time. Sorry for your loss!

I and my whole family are deeply saddened and shattered right after hearing the news of your beloved son’s death. I am going to cherish all the sweet memories created with him forever. My condolences are with you and your family. God bless the soul of your son.

Your little and wonderful boy will always be in our hearts forever. He was such a charming and magnanimous personality that his absence is going to bite me for a long time. I know what you are going through. However, I can’t do anything except offer my deepest condolences and extend full support. I am sorry for the loss of your son!

I am aghast by the heart trembling news of your son’s demise. Not only he was the most beloved of your family but also special to my family in so many ways. My tears are not stopping and my heart is wounded badly. My deepest condolences are with you during such a tragic time.

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Sympathy Message for Loss of Son 

What a tragedy it is! That the shoulders on which you are going to rest in your old age have left you. How grief stricken it is losing a son seems. May you have strength to bear the unforgettable loss of your life! Accept my sympathy for the loss of your son. 

Some pains in life you take forever. I pray may the lord almighty soothe your this heartache. Losing a son is like losing all the wealth of life. Your son was a very good boy. Condolences on the death of your son.

Sympathy Message for Loss of Son 

I don’t know how I say and what I say to console you. The streams of tears are also flowing in my heart too. Your son was an accomplished man. Have strength. He always be in prayers of mine. Accept my condolences on the demise of your son.

I pray with all my heart that you have lost a son, may you never lose anything. Your son was a man of his words, a determined boy. Accept my sympathy for the loss of your son. 

A son is a sun of parents’ life. No parents want to lose their son but what fate has played its game with you that in such early age a young soul has gone forever. I will miss your son always. Prayers for him. My deepest condolences on the death of your son. 

It is really true? And I can’t digest it that the boy who used to play with us has left us forever for the heaven. How this cruel time is. Your son was like mine and he always used to solve math problems with me. So brilliant the boy was. Accept my condolences on the death of your son. 

What is written, written and what happens, happens. None could do anything in it. It is devastating to hear that you have lost your son due to accident. May his soul rest in peace and my friend you must have strength for your other children. Sympathy for the loss of your son. 

You don’t need to weep like this. You have your other children too and your wife. Have strength and tolerance. I can understand how acute the pain is. Why so early only God knows? You son was a true gentleman, always a helping man. Accept my sympathy for the loss of your son!

I truly love him like a son. Why this happened and that so much terrible news it is. Your son was a man of remarkable character, a personality to be beaconed with. Accept my condolences on the death of your son. 

May your son’s soul find shelter in God’s feet! May he united be with the supreme one! Your son was like a leader, a friend for everyone and a leader to follow. Accept my sympathy for the loss of your son!

Accept my sympathies on the loss of your son! What an imaginative and dreamer your son was, a man known for his determined for what he wants to get. So lost I feel losing him. I am with you and always be. I know it is difficult to overcome the pain. May you have strength! 

It is unstoppable tears from my eyes that none could stop. I have your hand my friend there where you feel restless. Your son was a great relief for you and I can truly understand this. Accept my sympathy for the loss of your son

Praises are less for such a talented man whom we have lost early in our life. If he would be alive for a long time, he would have definitely changed our life. Your son was genius. Accept my truest sympathy for the loss of your son

May God bestow his grace on you that you have strength to bear the loss of unfathomable! Missing your son. He will always be in our prayers and memories. Condolences on the death of your son. 

I can’t describe in words and I am numb today hearing the news of your son’s death. He was young and a dreamer. I have never thought that this would happen. May peace come to him! And you my friend care for your other children too. My deepest sympathies for the loss of your son. 

Loss of Child Quotes

Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained. Jonathan Harnisch

I love you every day. And now I will miss you every day. Mitch Albom

Loss of Child Quotes

The sorrow we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay to have had them in our lives. Rob Liano

A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning its life with an early ending. R.J. Gonzales

Loss is only temporary when you believe in God! Latoya Alston

His death brings a new experience to my life — that of a wound that will not heal. Ernst Jünger

Memories saturate my heart and the story of you spills from my eyes. ­­Grace Andren

The death of my own son has made me more sensitive. It’s made me more compassionate.Rick Warren

Any woman who’d ever lost a child knew of the hollowness that remained within the soul. Brittainy C. Cherry

The single moment when I knew that I had to get busy and do more was around the death of my son. Bobby Rush

Life is the only thing which can never be replaced when lost. Lailah Gifty Akita

There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were. D.Eisenhower

The world was selfish, unjust. How could so many undeserving people be given the opportunity to raise children they didn’t even want while so many worthy individuals didn’t get the chance? Brittainy C. Cherry,

For no soul can ever be replaced, and death claims a beauty and a magnificence that will always be missed. Jocelyn Soriano

Only through the significant loss of my loved ones have I truly begun to live. When their eyes closed, mine were opened. Angie Corbett-Kuiper

A son can bear with equanimity the loss of his father, but the loss of his inheritance may drive him to despair. Niccolo Machiavelli

He could go to hell for all she cared but Journey was a loss clawing at her throat each morning. Ben Ditmars

As someone who has lived the nightmare of losing a child, I know that the enormous hole left behind remains forever. Arthur Honegger

Every morning I wake up to perform my one and only character. A Rising Phoenix in spite of it all. Michele Bell

Do not weep for those who have found death’s embrace early, for they weep for us that linger on in this mortal world of pain. Stewart Stafford